Bubble Wrap & Foam Rolls

Bubble wrap

Adhesive bubble sticks to your product. Applies easily to odd-shaped surfaces.

  • Eliminates clumsy application of tape.
  • Clean leaves no residue.
  • Protects corners from scratches.
  • Easy to remove. Reusable.
  • Special perforations available.

Air Bubble Rolls

Available in 48″, 24″ & 12″

Perforated and not-perforated.

Custom widths 3/16″,  5/16″,  1/2″

Foam Rolls

Protect delicate items for shipment and storage with low cost, shock-adsorbing polyethylene foam.

Reduce product damage and costly returns with economical padded jiffy bags.

Cushioned padding inside wall of ever bag protects against bumps and bruises. Easy to use – top edge is prescored for easy sealing. Just fold over and staple or tape shut.

Easy to use – tear seam tad on larger sizes allows easy opening and removal of contents.

Jiffy lite bags 
Buble mailers 
Jiffy Padded Bags
Cushioned Mailers
Self – Seal Jiffy Padded Bags

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